FastReporter - data post - processing software

From handheld loss, ORL, FIP, OTDR and iOLM testing to advanced optical characterization—including PMD and chromatic dispersion—the analysis of fiber-optic test and measurement data comes with its load of challenges. Editing and analyzing multiple measurement files and properly documenting networks are vital tasks that would usually require hours of work and technician time. There’s also the risk of results misinterpretation and human error to be factored in with manual operations.

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TestFlow - field test management solution

Network transformations are driving fiber deeper everywhere. This means that good enough testing is no longer good enough – inefficient, error-prone manual processes will take their toll on revenues. Did you know that admin and reporting tasks can take up half of the time of technicians on a field job? On the backend, processing high volumes of test results also ties up a lot of management time. With more to do in less time, reviewing results is often what is ditched first. When spot-checking becomes the only option, it is vital that you can trust your results, your technicians and contractors.

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EXFO Connect - cloud-based test management

EXFO Connect completely redefines integrated testing with its cloud-hosted solution. Equipped with a powerful database and application technologies, EXFO Connect provides an automated, secure environment that links together your EXFO test instruments and centralizes captured data across your organization. With its powerful correlation engine, EXFO Connects enables you to convert captured data into actionable information through customized test-data reporting and features that streamline test operations from build-out to maintenance.

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FastReporter 2 - data post-processing software

EXFO’s FastReporter 2 software package provides you with the post-processing tools and functionalities you need to meet the challenges of analyzing fiber-optic test and measurement data, whatever the application. Designed for off-line analysis of field-acquired data, FastReporter 2 features a user-friendly environment which boosts productivity. 

Being able to rely on a single software to manage data and generate reports for all your optical-layer test applications is your path to true time efficiency and high productivity. With FastReporter 2 you benefit from faster job completion, a quicker diagnosis of measurements, and results analysis with minimal risks of error—all leading to a smoother transition to the next job.

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