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ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution
Polarity, continuity and connector testing

Automated, all-in-one solution to validate MPO/MTP® fiber optic links of any type, including MPO 12 and MPO 24 singlemode or multimode cables as well as APC or UPC and male or female connectors

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FIP-400B Wireless
Fiber inspection probe

Turn your Android™ or iOS device into a fully automated fiber inspection solution delivering fast and consistent test results. With no wires in your way or cumbersome battery pack, it provides unmatched end-user experience, combined with bring-it-anywhere portability.

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Intelligent connector and fiber certifier

Rugged, tablet-inspired design featuring the latest innovations in automated connector and fiber certification. Ensures that workflow and best practices are followed by simplifying and speeding up the essential/critical inspection phase.

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fiber inspection probe

These intelligent and automated test tools transform fiber inspection into a faster and simplified one-step process providing accurate and consistent test results and preventing the reporting of false-positive results. Automatic fiber-connection detection, automatic image centering, and focus.

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