Fiber characterization is conducting a series of tests on an installed link in order to assess its general quality and its specific ability to support particular applications. As data rates increase and systems become more complex there are many factors that can impair system performance. We offer 7 types of characteristic of the fiber

Connector Certification

ETA Data Cabling Installers are expected to know the basic concepts of copper cabling installation and service—which are then applicable to all the procedures required to safely and competently install communications cabling. Basic electricity and safety; data communications basics; definitions, symbols and abbreviations; cable construction and types; cable performance characteristics; cabling standards; basic network topologies; basic network architectures; National Electrical Code (NEC®); cabling system components; DCIC installation tools; connectors and outlets; cabling system design; cabling installation; connector installation; cabling testing and certification; cabling troubleshooting; documentation.